The Unarmed; Harmed


Harm to the unarmed:

There’s no opinion to post about this. It shouldn’t only be regarded as sensationalization, but also as evidence to what many already know, fear, and have to bitterly accept as the current situation; and to many others, this sort of downward-progressing news will be viewed with stubborn disbelief or disinterest. Skepticism will always have a place with regard to the intake of news, but that doesn’t mean something terrible did not take place.

“Life is the moments”; whether that sort of abstract wording refers to the inconsistent happy moments in a person’s life, or to the sad ones is of no consequence to the depth at which the words can be read. In any moment we can dip into the pooled experiences of those around us and try to feel what others have felt.

I started to write this post with a specific incident in mind. I see now though that the emotions brought up by the recent Black-American tragedy phenomena are alive; alive in the sense that they will continue to exist, develop, and hopefully, one day will be no more.

Here at what was intended to be the end of a very short post, however, I find that purely conceptual writing will only float atop someone’s attention span unless is can be anchored to something more heavy and concrete. These are my half-paved concrete anchors:

Rest In Peace Terence Crutcher

Now, in my usual fashion, I am, again, late to the party. I started writing this post a couple months ago, about 3 days after the killing of Terence Crutcher went viral. Other than just being my normal busy (but mainly procrastinating) self, it’s taken me some time to consider why this story hit me so hard. Obviously I don’t like hearing about any sort of injustice, especially when it is race-based, and even more so, when it results in unnecessary violence or death.

But can I really tie mixed race into a subject like this; a subject [the taking of life, influenced by race-based matters] that has this much capacity to transcend social boundaries and be felt by any other human being? Yeah, but only some small aspects. More importantly, I want to take this tragedy and turn it into something that can help prevent future incidents from occurring.

You don’t need to actually be of two racial backgrounds to understand that that are (at least) two sides to a story/situation. However, being that I’m half white, and more importantly, white-passing, I definitely feel the benefits of my complexion in day-to-day life. Race has [literally] been an issue in the US since the nation was founded/colonized. Now, with a highly controversial president-to-be, rising racial tensions in the eye of the public media, and a constant downpour of serious clashes between minority communities and police forces (whether on large scales, as is the case at the Dakota Pipeline, or the one-by-one “incidents” of prejudiced shootings), we, the people who have watched the ongoings of homogeneous communities in the US from afar, have an opportunity to lend our voices, hands, and eyes to the community at large.

You don’t need to wait for the earthquake, anyone with determination and solid boot heel can kick the dirt themself and shake things up.

More to come…. (lots to think over, for everyone)


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